Top 5 Ways Mobile Field Solutions Enhance Productivity for Field Service Teams

When you’ve got technicians working in the field, you want them to have the best tools at hand. That includes technology; namely, mobile workforce management solutions designed to enhance productivity and improve your overall operations. Mobile field solutions come in all shapes and sizes and can even be customized to the needs of your organization. 

In addition to all of the other benefits like improved communication and a centralized, shared space for all work-related tasks and needs, the productivity boost that comes from these solutions is huge. Here are five highlights. 

  1. Mobile communication via email and text ensures real-time connectivity and streamlined field operations. When you have a single mobile workforce management platform, everyone can communicate effectively through all necessary channels. 
  1. Streamlined work orders, reports, and invoices mean that your field service teams will spend less time on paperwork and keeping things organized. As a bonus, this also leads to reduced errors and fewer unpaid invoices. 
  1. Document tools like PDF readers and shared cloud spaces ensure that everyone has quick, easy access to all the necessary documents that they need. This means less back-and-forth, less work once they’re done in the field, and less carrying around paperwork, contracts, and other documents. 
  1. Adding a self-service portal for customers can free up your technicians to spend more time on the job and less time handling basic administrative tasks. The things that happen in the portal can be shared with your technicians so that they can respond to customer needs and queries in real-time, as well. 
  1. Mobile maps and calendars provide easy scheduling and navigation tools, centralized in one place, rather than having them spread across various devices. This frees up more time and resources and streamlines everything so your field service teams are working smarter, not harder. 

These days, you can’t afford not to invest in a solid workforce management solution for your mobile field service teams. You’re losing time, resources, and a lot of money if you’re still doing everything on paper or more than one device. These are just a few of the many productivity enhancements and other benefits that come from investing in mobile field solutions. 

If you’re tired of your teams having to deal with customer issues or make multiple trips to process paperwork or retrieve documents, it’s time to consider the best way to improve your field service productivity. Workforce management software is here to help. You can improve route efficiency, scheduling and arrival times, forecasting and planning for future needs, and so much more. Managing teams and maintaining a sense of connectivity is more important than ever in field service work. With the right tools, you can make that an easy task for your organization. When your team is more efficient, your business is more streamlined, and your bottom line starts to grow. If you’re ready to transform your field service teams for good, find your custom workforce management solution with Werksheets today. Contact Us directly for more information!