Offer Your Customers a Field Service Portal – 4 Benefits

A field service portal could be just the thing you need if you are looking for a way to improve the overall customer experience while reducing the load on your employees. Why should you offer your customers a field service portal? Here are four benefits you need to know about.

What Is a Field Service Portal?

Before we touch on the benefits, let’s address what a field service portal is and how it works. Essentially, this is just an online platform that allows your customers to manage some aspects of their service experience. They can do so without interacting with one of your employees, too, which is beneficial for both the customer and the business. 

The Four Benefits

So, what benefits can be had with a field service portal? Let’s take a look.

1. Empowerment – One of the most important benefits is to your customers. Using a field service portal to control some of their service experience is empowering. It makes them feel as though they’re in control of their experience with your organization while ensuring that they can save time and hassle by not having to jump through hoops to speak with a rep on the phone or via online chat.

2. Access to Information – How often do your customers contact a service rep to ask questions? If yours is like most organizations, this happens frequently. By providing your customers with a field service portal, you enable them to get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. You also provide them with access to the information they need no matter what time of day or night it might be.

3. Status Updates – Your customers want to know the status of their project. A field service portal lets them track status updates from your field technicians, engineers, or other employees in real time. With access to updates as they’re posted, your customers can better plan and manage things on their end, saving them time and hassle while improving the overall customer experience.

4. Personalized Experience – No one wants to be a nameless, faceless customer. A field service portal helps ensure that you’re able to deliver the personalized experience your customers want and deserve. Not only does that help your business stand out, but it reinforces the value you offer, which increases customer retention, brand recognition, and your ability to compete in the market.

Why Werksheets?

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