Field Service Management – 5 Best Practices and Optimizations

Field service management is a significant element of business management that is useful in many industries. Regardless of the industry your company is in, there are some best practices to put in place when it comes to field service management. 

1. Utilize Real-Time Communication

Time is one of the most essential tools for your company, and you must make the most of it. Real-time communication allows your employees to see up-to-the-minute inventory information without having to search the warehouse before completing a job. 

Customers also benefit from real-time communication because they can receive notifications on job status or sign documents online. The more current the communication is with your team, the more you can utilize time on the job to its highest potential. 

2. Optimize Scheduling

When your team’s schedule isn’t optimized, it can cause everyone’s experience to suffer. Even though the schedule is the backbone of many companies, it’s one of the more complicated things to perfect. 

Many companies are using manual techniques to schedule their team, which can lead to overbooking, double-booking, or not utilizing time as well as it can be. Opting for scheduling technology that automates the process is one of your company’s best field service management decisions. 

3. Track Job Progress

More accessible communication with your team can help management have a real-time idea of how projects are going. When job progress is tracked, team members are held accountable, and customer service improves. 

4. Collect Customer Feedback

Your team’s work is only as important as the customer’s experience. Optimizing your company’s field service management can allow you to integrate customer service feedback into the data you track. Setting up a customer portal allows your customers to track their service, but it also acts as a means to collect customer feedback through surveys after the job is done. 

Customer feedback being collected by a portal will allow all of the data to be gathered in one place, giving you easily measured trends. This will make it easier to catch trouble spots and help better experiences where necessary. 

5. Offer Self-Service Options

Allowing customers to serve themselves when possible can significantly help cut costs and labor hours for any company. For example, offering a self-service scheduling portal will allow you to hire fewer schedulers due to the decrease in call volume. 

Self-service also helps the customer have a better experience due to less time holding for a scheduler when making, changing, or canceling appointments. 


Utilizing field service management is an excellent option for companies. Consider using software to simplify field management. Werksheets offers easy-to-use field management tools that are perfect for all companies, regardless of size. Your company can have real-time collaboration and communication, allowing for optimized work – day in and day out. 

Werksheets is customizable to your company’s needs and streamlines your data. Having all data in one place allows for better accountability for team members and simpler experiences for your whole team. Let Werksheets make field service management easy! Check out our website to learn how to get started or find out how Werksheets can simplify your company’s processes by checking out all of our features here